Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) Resources

If you’ve opened this page on our website, it’s likely you are serving on your church’s Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC). First of all, thank you for serving your church in this way. Please feel free to contact the Presbytery office with any questions that come up as you go on this journey.
The links below will connect you with information that should prove helpful in your process.
There’s a lot here, so again – let us know of questions along the way. The first 3 documents listed are the ones you’ll want to look through first. On Calling a Pastor is a document created by the Church Leadership Connection, which is a part of PCUSA. The Transition Steps Guidelines were created here at the Presbytery to coincide with On Calling a Pastor. The other materials you find on this page are supporting documents that are likely referenced in On Calling a Pastor and the Transition Steps Guidelines.

I. Introduction to Calling a Pastor

On Calling a Pastor – A Resource for PNCs

II. Teaching Elders As Pastors

Presbytery Policy

III. The Call Process

Transition Steps Guidelines
Transition Timeline

IV. The Transition

Moderator Guidelines Church Without a Pastor draft 2
Interim Search Process
Intentional Interim Ministry Guidelines Sept 2014
Contractual Guidelines for Temporary Pastors
Temporary (Interim) Pastor Job Description Template
Terms of Call Form
Litany of Welcome & Farewell for Interim Pastor
PIN Guideline for Mission Study
Research Strategies for Congregations

V. Searching for a Pastor

So You Might Be on a PNC
COM Candidate Interview Process
EEO Form
Candidate Rating Sheet
Self Referral Letter

Idaho Background Check Form

WA Background Check Form

VI. Calling a Pastor

Manse Agreement
Checklist for Services of Installation
Book of Occasional Services Installation of a Pastor