Cyclical Retreat October 2-4, 2022

We are excited for our first Cyclical Retreat at Camp Spalding on October 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Rob Douglas will be our speaker. Rob is a Cyclical Developer and pastor of a new worshiping community. We have designed a retreat that we hope will be renewing and also challenging for you. Rob has been where you are and understands the unique challenges and opportunities. Content will be helpful and relevant and you’ll be surrounded with other fun innovators.  We hope you will carve out time to be there!

All Cyclical Discerners and Starters are invited and encouraged to attend. The cost is $50 (if cost would prevent you from attending, please reach out to Drew or Katie). Spouses and children are welcome, though you will need to cover their cost: Spouse = $234. Children age 3-5 = $100 (Ages 2 & under = free). Use the Link below to register.

Arrive any time after 2PM on October 2nd; the retreat begins with dinner at 5:30PM and ends with lunch on October 4th at 1PM.