COVID-19 Resources

  • If your local school district has opted for full distance learning: is there a way to partner with a local school to offer (limited) supervised distance learning for the most vulnerable (those families that can’t afford childcare or school day camp)?
  • Volunteer at a local food bank or ministry that serves the food insecure in your community
  • Is there a way to support your neighbors who might be struggling?  Parents are exhausted – can you offer to do an outdoor activity with neighborhood children (socially distanced, wearing masks)?  Put  together an activity or craft kit for a neighbor kid to entertain them?
  • People are isolated – invite a neighbor you don’t know well to sit outside (socially distanced) and chat.
  • In Spokane – contact World Relief to find out how you might support refugee families. 

Apply for a Missional Grant

During this time we love our neighbors by practicing social distancing, good hygiene, and wearing masks.  There are other opportunities to care for those inside our congregation and especially in our neighborhoods. . . the following are examples of different missional grants given to churches during the pandemic. If you have a new idea about how to care for the people beyond your congregation but need funding, please apply for this grant: GRANT APPLICATION

  • Joining forces with local nonprofits to serve the food insecure
  • Providing daycare for essential workers
  • Offering a small group for teens dealing with anxiety, facilitated by a licensed therapist
  • Putting together food boxes to supplement what families receive monthly at the food bank
  • Maintaining a neighborhood food pantry